If it is stormy outside and it rains, our sauna with lake view is the most comfortable place to be. A 45 degree herbal bath and 85 degree Finnish sauna await you. Then you can cool off right in the lake and enjoy the warm winter sunshine hours on the beach or in the small garden. To relax, our library with fireplace awaits you.


On our south beach we are expanding the sauna area for you. Here you will find an outdoor sauna, a heated pool, a fire pit and another relaxation room.




SPA on the island "Pharmos Natur" Enjoy the active ingredients of a fresh aloe vera leaf on your skin.

Let yourself be pampered with our wellness offer!

In addition to individual treatments, we also offer couples massages. 


Arrive and let go. Take time and linger in harmony with nature. Here you can just "be" - let energies flow, recharge your batteries and feel the natural rhythm of life.

Yoga on the island of the senses, loving yoga sessions that let you go offline with us!

Whether Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, with us you will find your feel-good Yoga.


Yoga descriptions:

Hatha Yoga: Yoga of unity of body-mind-soul through physical exercises (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) as well as meditations

Yin Yoga: a passive yoga session, deep self-awareness and relaxation, fascia yoga, meridian teachings



Special yoga offers

Our yoga teacher Marlies Heinrich

"Yoga - a journey to oneself, a dance of life, to be with oneself in ease, to touch oneself, to feel in places where the eye can not look."


Pause and meet yourself. Yoga with Marlies is gentle and filled with ease. She teaches from the heart and puts the focus on the encounter of soul and body. Through targeted breathing exercises, intuitive and concentrated movement flow and in harmony with Yin and Yang Yoga, it creates an experience for all the senses.


Marlies got to know and love yoga in Sri Lanka. After 15 months in Sri Lanka, where she was allowed to work in an Ayurveda hotel, she moved to Nepal and India to get to know the teaching of the origin and was trained as a yoga teacher in both countries. Since then she teaches in different places around the world.




Join us on an inner journey!

the world of sound on the island of the senses

A "world-sound journey" is a very relaxing combination of healing vibrations of sound and other instruments. Lying comfortably on a mat, we enter into a journey into fascinating worlds of sound and sounds. The sounds and vibrations spread gently and undulating like a carpet of sound and bring the body in a state of relaxation. You will be surrounded in an atmosphere of calm and serenity.